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Zem je najkrajšie miesto na život, preto sa k nej správajme láskavo. Čo nám dáva zužitkujme múdro a poďakujme sa najlepším spôsobom, ktorý predurčujú najprogresívnejšie poznatky vedy, výskumu a inovácií.

Dr. h. c. prof. Ing. Michal Cehlár, PhD.


Responsible Name of the project Reg. project number The beginning of the solution End of solution
Pukanská Katarína, doc. Ing., PhD. Research of the spatial structure and changes of surface and subsurface geosystems by geodetic and geophysical methods 1/0340/22 2022 2024
Fedorko Gabriel, prof. Ing., PhD. Design of a digital twin for the research of selected operational indicators of hose conveyors in accordance with cleaner production using experimental measurements and simulation approaches 1/0600/20 2020 2023
Peterka Pavel, doc. Ing., PhD. Multiaxial stressing of mining traction ropes in hoist systems 1/0075/20 2020 2023
Rosová Andrea, prof. Ing., PhD. Research, development and concept creation of new solutions based on TestBed in the context of Industry 4.0 to streamline production and logistics for Mining 4.0 1/0430/22 2022 2025
Fecková Škrabuľáková Erika, RNDr., PhD. Application of modern methods in the analysis and modeling of technological and other processes used in the acquisition and processing of earth resources with the aim of their optimization 1/0264/21 2021 2024
Škovránek Tomáš, doc. Ing., PhD. Advanced methods and tools for modeling, simulation and management of real materials, processes and phenomena 1/0674/23 2023 2026
Beer Martin, doc. Ing., PhD. Study of the behavior of heterogeneous structures based on PCM substances and metal foams in the function of heat accumulators with application potential in the technologies of obtaining and processing earth resources 1/0290/21 2021 2023
Gavurová Beáta, prof. Ing., PhD., MBA Investigation of the natural, social and economic potential of areas with environmental burdens in Slovakia for the development of specific forms of domestic tourism and quantification of environmental risks 1/0590/22 2022 2024
Kaňuchová Mária, doc. Mgr., PhD. The use of innovative methods of obtaining selected critical raw materials from environmental loads after mining and processing activities 1/0247/23 2023 2025
Kaňuchová Mária, doc. Mgr., PhD. Synthesized minerals based on complex oxides and testing their use for components of energy harvesting and storage equipment with regard to environmental sustainability 2/0058/23 2023 2025
Šofranko Marian, prof. Ing., PhD. Research and development of new methods based on the principles of modeling, logistics and simulation in managing the interaction of raw material extraction processes and the establishment of mining blocks with regard to the economic efficiency and safety of raw material extraction 1/0588/21 2021 2024