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Zem je najkrajšie miesto na život, preto sa k nej správajme láskavo. Čo nám dáva zužitkujme múdro a poďakujme sa najlepším spôsobom, ktorý predurčujú najprogresívnejšie poznatky vedy, výskumu a inovácií.

Dr. h. c. prof. Ing. Michal Cehlár, PhD.


Responsible Name of the project Reg. project number The beginning of the solution End of solution
Blišťan Peter, prof. Ing., PhD. EMBA Assessment of the risk of occurrence of parasitozoonosis using multicriteria analysis methods APVV-18-0351 2019 2023
Jacko Stanislav, prof. Ing., PhD. Evolution of biota and climate in the area of ​​the southern Turgai Strait: a refugium of endemics or a paleoenvironment of selective faunal exchange between Asia and Europe during the Cretaceous APVV-21-0319 2021 2024
Fedorko Gabriel, prof. Ing., PhD. Research into the possibility of digital transformation of continuous transport systems APVV-21-0195 2022 2026
Marasová Daniela, prof. Ing., PhD. Intelligent belt conveyors APVV-18-0248 2019 2023
Podlubný Igor, prof. RNDr., DrSc. Research and development of advanced methods, algorithms and tools for mathematical modeling, analysis, synthesis, simulation and design of control systems of technological objects and processes APVV-18-0526 2019 2023
Škovránek Tomáš, doc. Ing., PhD. Advanced modeling of real materials and phenomena using the wave equation of non-integer order SK-SRB-21-0028 2022 2023
Petráš Ivo, prof. Ing., DrSc. Research of modern methods, algorithms and tools for mathematical modeling, analysis, simulation, prediction and control of dynamic processes in complex systems and structures APVV-22-0508 2023 2027
Bednárová Lucia, prof. Ing., PhD. Waste and buildings - modeling the effectiveness of alternative cooperation options of administrative authorities APVV-20-0076 2021 2024
Gavurová Beáta, prof. Ing., PhD., MBA Creation of concepts of strategic investment and development packages for the regions of Slovakia with a causal connection to the creation of a methodology for quantifying their effectiveness and efficiency APVV-21-0188 2022 2025
Gavurová Beáta, prof. Ing., PhD., MBA Effective management of innovation-oriented territorial clusters APVV-21-0099 2022 2024
Škvarla Jiří, prof. Ing., CSc. A study of colloids to support a new paradigm of the structure of hydrophilic interfacial interfaces APVV-21-0338 2022 2026