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Zem je najkrajšie miesto na život, preto sa k nej správajme láskavo. Čo nám dáva zužitkujme múdro a poďakujme sa najlepším spôsobom, ktorý predurčujú najprogresívnejšie poznatky vedy, výskumu a inovácií.

Dr. h. c. prof. Ing. Michal Cehlár, PhD.

International projects

Responsible Name of the project Grant scheme and project number The beginning of the solution End of solution
Sisol Martin, prof. Ing., PhD. SUPREEMO - SUstainable EuroPean Rare Earth Elements production value chain from priMary Ores Horizon Europe no. 101138353 2024 2027
Janočko Juraj, prof. Ing., PhD. PALEOSSOLS AS AN OLD "CRITICAL ZONE" FOR PAST AND FUTURE FORECASTS: the "struggle" between sedimentary and pedogenetic processes in ancient continental deposits. FAPESP 2023/02469-8 2024 2026
Sisol Martin, prof. Ing., PhD. EIT RawMaterials RIS Hub Slovakia EIT RM KAVA no. 22252 2023 2025
Ďuriška Igor, Ing., PhD. DIMESEE-2 - Dubrovnik International ESEE Mining School - Implementing innovations EIT RM KAVA no. 20080 2021 2025
Molokáč Mário doc. Mgr., PhD. PhD-BalticTeach – PhD Schools on Sustainable Materials for RIS region EIT RM KAVA no. 22036 2023 2025
Janočko Juraj, prof. Ing., CSc., Dr. scient. RaVeN. Raw Materials Value Chain EIT RM KAVA no. 21077 2022 2025
Petráš Ivo, prof. Ing., DrSc. Novel mathematical methods for modeling, controling, and predicting complexity in nature and society ARO W911NF-221-0264 2022 2025
Rosová Andrea prof. Ing., PhD. RIS-Internship. RIS Internship programme: broadening University-Business Cooperation EIT RM KAVA no. 21003 2022 2024
Molokáč Mário doc. Mgr., PhD. RIS Briefcase – Briefcase RIS network creation EIT RM KAVA no. 22022 2023 2024
Šimková Zuzana doc. Ing., PhD. How to stay alive in V4? Phosphorus Friends Club builds V4´s resilience Visegrad Fund 2021 2024
Sisol Martin, prof. Ing., PhD. DYNOSORT - Dynamic ore sorting of polymetallic stockpiles EIT RM KAVA no. 21050 2022 2023
Šofranko Marián, prof. Ing., PhD. MineTALC - Backfill Mining Optimisation for Low- and Medium- Strength Deposits EIT RM KAVA no. 19007 2020 2023
Straka Martin prof. Ing., PhD. PHEIDIAS - An Innovative hydrometallurgical recycling system for PGMs recovery EIT RM KAVA no. 20220 2021 2023
Bednárová Lucia, prof. Ing., PhD. RIS Education & Entrepreneurship. RIS Education & Entrepreneurship (former ESEE Education initiatives and RIS BC&S combined) EIT RM KAVA no. 10009 2019 2023
Podlubný Igor, prof. RNDr. DrSc. Novel approaches and tools for fractional-order modeling of complex multiscale materials MISTI MIT ID000499 2022 2023
Sisol Martin, prof. Ing., PhD. BioLeach - BioLeach: Innovative Bio-treatment of RM EIT RM KAVA no. 18259 2019 2022
Kozáková Ľubica, doc. Ing., PhD. RMsManager - RMsManager. Raw Materials Manager Course EIT RM KAVA no. 19057 2020 2022
Bindzárová Gergeľová Marcela doc. Ing., PhD. AgriHub CZ&SK H2020 no. 818182 2021 2022
Pukanská Katarína, doc. Ing., PhD. University course Earth Observation with ESA missions The European Space Agency 4000133959/21/NL/SC 2021 2022
Kozáková Ľubica, doc. Ing., PhD. OpESEE. Open ESEE-Region Master for Maintenance Engineering EIT RM KAVA no. 17008 2018 2022
Bednárová Lucia, prof. Ing., PhD. RM@Schools-ESEE. RawMaterials@SchoolsESEE EIT RM KAVA no. 19069 2020 2022
Ďuriška Igor, Ing., PhD. MIREU - Mining and Metallurgy Regions of EU Horizont 2020 No. 776811 2019 2022
Domaracká Lucia, doc. Ing., PhD. LIMBRA - Decreasing the negative outcomes of brain drain in the raw material sector EIT RM KAVA no. 18197 2019 2021
Babicová Zdenka Ing., PhD. 3DBRIEFCASE - Learning the use of minerals through non conventional and digital tools EIT RM KAVA no. 19010 2020 2021
Mudarri Tawfik, Ing., PhD. EnAct-SDGs -Enhancing the skills of ESEE RM students towards the achievement of SDGs EIT RM KAVA no. 19258 2020 2021
Molokáč Mário, doc. Mgr., PhD. MineHeritage - Historical Mining – tracing and learning from ancient materials and mining technology EIT RM KAVA no. 18111 2019 2021