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After a 3-year break due to the coronavirus outbreak, Wroclaw University of Economics and Business is back to organizing the Summer School of Management – an annual event where students from all over the world can meet and learn together about the latest trends and phenomena in management.

In 2023, Summer School will be held from June 28 to July 7, and the main theme of the event is "Strategic foresight & managers' competences of the future". The event is aimed at management students from Europe and around the world who have mastered the English language to the extent necessary to participate in the classes and are highly motivated to develop their managerial competencies.

Participants will take part in 62 hours of intensive courses and training on topics including intercultural competence, foresight methodology, knowledge management, running a business and more. The program also includes a city game combined with a sightseeing tour of Wroclaw, as well as a business game implemented at the Business Processes Simulation Center. The substantive program, through which 6 ECTS credits can be earned, will be accompanied by integrative activities, as well as a program of a cultural and entertainment events.

For more information, visit the event website:

Summer School 2023 WUEB flyer

Summer School 2023 poster