Letná škola v Číne

Našim študentom dávame do pozornosti nasledujúcu možnosť zúčastniť sa letnej školy v Číne, ktoré organizuje niekoľko amerických univerzít, ako aj niekoľko európskych univerzít a výskumných centier v spolupráci s čínskymi vysokými školami. Viac informácií v angličtine nižšie:



West Virginia University, John D. Rockefeller IV School of Policy and Politics, Department of Public Administration (WV, USA) and gLAWcal – Global Law Initiatives for Sustainable Development (United Kingdom) have set up a Summer Institute in China – Executive Education Training Program to be held in Beijing (China) with two parallel curricula.

The 12th Edition of the Summer Institute (SLI) will happen between 8th July and 5th August 2017.It is a multi-disciplinary and multi-approach program for students, PhD candidates, young professionals and for experienced professionals too. 

This program is organized in partnership with University of Calgary Law School (Canada), University of Provence Aix Marseille I – CNRS Centre of Comparative Epistemology and Ergology (France), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), Catholic University of Milan Faculty of Law (Italy), University of Eastern Piedmont Faculty of Economics (Italy), University of Pavia, Faculty of Law (Italy), University of Verona, Department of Law (Italy).

The Program includes TWO PARALLEL CURRICULA:

The first curriculum is called “Summer Institute on Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Protection” (SICCEP) or more precisely Law, Policy, Economics and Technology on Climate Change and Environmental issues. It addresses issues such as energy policies, environment law and sustainable development, intellectual property and technology innovation. The second curriculum is called “Summer Institute on Intellectual Property Rights and China” (IP-China).

This program is multidisciplinary and is aimed at students, young graduates and senior professionals with a background in law, political sciences, international relations, philosophy, economics, environmental sciences, engineering and any other relevant discipline that can be related to the topics of the program.

The website of the Summer Institute in China is: http://summerlawinstitute.com

The SLI 2017 brochure can be downloaded from the website:


The application should be submitted online on the webpage

or to the following email address by May 31, 2017: info@summerlawinstitute.com

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