Other Information

In this section you will find all other information or documents to download, you could not find elsewhere. In case you still can not find what you are looking for, please contact the Department of student affairs.

Timetable study for the year 2016 (pdf file in slovak)

Current schedules of lectures and exercises (link to MAIS)

Study programmes (link to MAIS)

Catalogue of study programs F BERG 2016 (pdf in slovak)

The current Study Rules and Regulations (pdf in english)

Mobility – studying and living abroad (Erasmus+)

Free intensive Slovak language course for foreigners – academic year 2018/2019: EN, RU

Lists of students for Academic Year 2016/2017:

Technical University of Kosice has entered into an academic partnership with Visual Paradigm to better facilitate the teaching of software design & modeling through the use of Visual Paradigm.