Institute of Earth Resources

  assoc. prof. Dušan Kudelas, MSc., PhD. (Institute manager)
Park Komenského 19, Košice, Slovak republic
Phone: +421-55-602 2993
Institute of Earth Resources aims on scientific-research, educational and expertise activities, covering wide-range processes which include obtaining, processing, utilization and protection of Earth resources. The emphasis is particularly on obtaining and processing of solid, liquid and gaseous raw materials; geotechnologies and ecotechnologies; waste management; economics and management of Earth resources; utilization of renewable energy sources; and land use in the field of tourism, especially geotourism and mining tourism.

Departments and other parts:

  • Department of Montaneous Sciences
  • Department of Mineral Processing
  • Department of Earth Resources Management
  • Department of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Department of Geo and Mining Tourism
  • Centre for Preparation of Primary and Secondary Raw Materials
  • Renewable Energy Sources Centre