Indian day at TUKE

Country of thousands of faces, forms and smells. Take a tour around India – one of the world’s largest, contrasting and populated country. You will be accompanied by the best guides possible – Indian students studying at the Technical University of Košice. They will share secrets which you could not find in any bedeker in bookstore.

What can you expect on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 (10.00-15.00) at the TUKE University Library?

  • Incredible India – students of FEEI, Irfan talks about the historical sights, culture and secrets of India
  • Perspective actor Narain, a student of FME, will show you short sample of the film he acts in and tells you about the movie culture of India – have you heard of Bollywood or Tollywood?
  • Aravinda, Jude and Vineeth, FME students, talk about magical southern India
  • Bhautik and Raj from FEEI will be your guides to the state of Gujarat – festival, food, culture, religion, difference between northern and southern India
  • Manjunanth Anand from FME will tell you about amazing festivals in India
  • Students of Vimal Joe and Jafar Yunus of FMT will play songs from Tamil Nadu
  • Yoga lesson with Yagnik, LF student
  • Indian specialties prepared by Ashokkumar, Rashmi and Venkata Gunturi and many more!

Free entry – register by click Attending in this event:
Event will be in English language.
We are looking forward seeing you!